Torta Extremeña - Queso de la Serena

 Torta Extremeña - Serena Cheese


   Queso de oveja Merina, untuoso, cremoso e inigualable sabor a dehesa Extremeña
   Un queso para los cinco sentidos, un queso para el deleite del paladar...

   Merina sheep cheese, unctuous, creamy and unique taste to Extremadura Prairie
   A cheese for the five senses; a cheese to delight

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 Queso de la Serena

 Serena Cheese


   Quesos con Denominación de origen protegida: DOP
   Garantía del mejor saber y sabor; Confianza en el queso hecho ARTE

   Cheeses with Denomination of Origin Protected: DOP
   Warranty of the best taste and flavor: Trust in the art of cheesemaking

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 Quesos Artesanales: de Cabra y Oveja

 Artisan Cheeses: Goat and Sheep


   Diferentes quesos, formatos y sabores y con una amplia variedad y oferta:
   Oveja al romero, natural, manteca; Cabra al pimenón, leche cruda, curado y semi

   Wide variety of cheeses, formats and flavors: Natural Sheep cheese, rosemary,
   or lard-covered; Paprika goat cheese, raw milk, matured and semi-matured

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 Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra

 Extra Virgin Olive Oil


   Oro líquido de Extremadura, saludable, natural y con infinidad de beneficios
   para nuestra salud. Este zumo de oliva nos aporta vitaminas y minerales esenciales

   Healthy, natural liquid gold from Extremadura with many health benefits
   This olive juice supplies vitamins and essential minerals to our body

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 Fiambre de Cordero

 Lamb cold meat


   Único y exclusivo en España, este fiambre se comercializa a través de NATURSER
   Para servir de varias maneras, en frío, natural, a la plancha o como complemento

   Exclusive in Spain, Lamb cold meat is sold as a novelty through NATURSER
   To serve in varios ways, cold, natural, grilled, or as a complement to other dishes

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From Naturser, we want to make accessible all our cheeses, oils and lamb cold meats to all our customers, products we elaborate with all our enthusiasm and dedication.

We will ship them in a fast manner, so you will receive them knowing that the products arrive in time and in the best conditions for optimal consumption. We guarantee our products to reach your table directly from our factory.

In short, we provide through our safe shipping and payment methods maximum security; you can enjoy our products in a period no longer than 48-72 hours after receiving your order, directly from our facilities: easy, convenient, safe and simple.

We hope we can share with you our knowledge in producing our products, our wide range of cheeses, oils and lamb cold meats, with the maximum guarantees of knowing that what you buy is one of our best products.


Thank you for your trust in our company.

The Naturser team